Symptoms and Signs of Drug Abuse


Symptoms and Signs are important to determine if you think that a person is using drugs. Few symptoms of drug abuse are observed by people living close to the drug consumer, but remaining symptoms are harder to understand. It’s crucial to recall, though, even if symptoms and signs of all this abuse are observed, just proficient analysis can perfectly say when the symptoms are that of drug consumption and not some other psychological or behavioral circumstances.

Risk Factors of Drug Abuse

Signs of drug are easily spotted when you recognize the factors for drug consumption precisely. Following are the important risk factors:

  • A mental illness
  • An unhappy home life
  • Friends who are drug users
  • Drug users in the family
  • Effortless availability of the drugs from friends and peers
  • If drug consumption is accepted in the community, society or school
  • Poor performance in school
  • poor parenting
  • Behavioral issues
  • Indulgent attitude towards the drug consumption of the adolescent and their own drug use
  • Consumption of drugs by peers, family or friends
  • Not good relationship with parents or elders in the family
  • Mental illness
  • A lot of stress
  • Family incident



Symptoms and Signs of Drug Use

If someone has the above-mentioned risk-factors, it is then good to know the symptoms and signs of drug use. The foremost symptom of drug consumption is most of the time a variance in behavior. The consumer can lose interest and excitement in hobbies and activities. He does not want to spend time with peers or friends. He likes to stay at home. The other sign of drug consumption is change in sleeping routine and poor performance at school or work. These signs of drug consumption can result in other issues. It is crucial to have a conversation with the person to confirm the signs of drug use you are observing.

Other Symptoms and Signs of Drug consumption or use are:

  • Wanting more money (unexplained expenses)
  • Skin that is hot and dry or cool and sweaty
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Having drug paraphernalia e.g. rolling papers, bong or a pipe
  • recurring spraying room deodorizer, showering or washing clothes for the removal of the smell of the drug
  • convincing others to do drugs
  • talking a lot about drugs
  • The clothes of person have smell of drug


Symptoms and Signs of Drug Abuse

Symptoms and Signs of this are more critical than that of drug use. In drug addiction, one has string urge to consume the drug. The user starts considering it as a vital part of life and starts feeling it.

Signs and Symptoms of the above may change according to the particular drug, but normally same for all drugs. If someone is no longer taking part in activities but only interested in using drug then this should be a case of this abuse. Poor performance in school or work and a drastic swing in mood and other behavior are also symptoms of drug abuse.

More symptoms and signs regarding drug abuse are:

  • Hiding drugs
  • Frequent hangovers
  • HIVor hepatitis B or C
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain
  • Chest or lung pain
  • Confusion
  • Abnormal vital signs like respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure
  • Unusual, bizarre behavior

This should not be taken lightly. If you see any such person, do talk to them and take them to medical centers for immediate medical help. Here is the Original link of more information about drugs and addictions.  Go to jhafidotcom .

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