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Country Style Curtains – Charlotte Azure Scalloped Valances

Country Porch Home Décor is the best place to find valances, country style curtains and panels. The Charlotte Azure Scalloped Valance is one such example of the high quality that we offer at our store. Accentuate your home’s country style look and feel with our country curtains such as the Charlotte Azure Scalloped Valance.



To ensure the highest quality product, Country Porch Home Décor uses Greige cotton/linen blend in making these country style curtains here which is referred to as Belgium weight, as it uses equal parts cotton and linen. Our products are stitched by machine to ensure consistency and quality in the finish of the Charlotte Azure Scalloped Valances. These country style curtains are sure to add that country style look and feel to your home.

Measurements, Patterns and Color

These valances have a 2 inch header and a 3.35 inch rod pocket. These country curtains have a scalloped edge with a 5 inch bias cut greige and azure blue pencil stripe binding. The sides of these valances have a 75 inch hem fold. These valances are 16 inches high and 72 inches wide, capable of fitting a regular window in your home. These country style curtains feature a unique design pattern with its vertically printed azure blue pencil stripes. With this design, the Charlotte Azure Scalloped Valance coordinates with Charlotte bedding to give the room the ultimate country style look and feel.

Wash and Dry

When it comes to washing and drying, care should be taken to make sure that the fabric does not get worn out or damaged, despite their high quality. Avoid using washing detergents containing chlorine. Ensure that you wash these valances with like colors and put the gentle cycle setting on your washing machine. Tumble dry low and remove promptly. Ironing is optional.

Pricing and Shipping

With Country Porch Home Décor free shipping policy, the average customer can be able to buy our products from our online store. Our free shipping policy is applicable to customers worldwide. The Charlotte Azure Scalloped Valances will set your back only $23.95. It is important to note that the quantities may be limited, therefore, ensure that you get your own country curtains while stocks last.

Overall, Country Porch Home Décor is the best place to find country style curtains. The unique blend of linen and cotton (Belgium weight) ensures a clean finish that is sure to add that country look and feel to your home while complementing you home décor. Our free shipping policy, as well as the competitive prices, ensures that our high quality products are affordable to the average homeowner.

Country Home Décor – Decorating Challenges

There are quite a lot of different challenges that you are going to have to tackle when you decide to furnish your home. However, the time has come – you’ve retired, and now it’s finally the moment you’ve been waiting for – to relocate to your tuckered province home and furnish it in the way that you once loved so much – country style. However, the truth is that a country home décor is going to require quite a lot of matching and adjusting and even more shopping. Even though it looks simplistic and cozy, there is a lot of work that goes in furnishing an entire country house and the considerations that you need to account for are particularly numerous.


Minding the Overall Country Home Décor

Before you move any further, you need to figure out the exact design that you are going to implement for your home. A typical country home décor is usually consisted of dark wooden elements and furniture and specific country style curtains, country area rugs, valances, napkins, and whatnot.

With this in mind, the first thing that you would need to come up with is the overall design. Primitive home décor doesn’t mean that it’s lacking – it’s just designed to create the old-school appeal and to bring that nostalgic vibe and ambiance in the home – just like you remember it from when you used to grow up in a house like this.

The Devil’s in the Details

That’s the biggest principal that you have to account for if you want to get the country home décor right. For this matter, you need to come up with a great country area rug. There is a wide range of products that you can find here The rug is important because it outlines the entire style of the house and manages to make it look appealing and convenient. Furthermore, it brings in that comfort that is so characteristic.

In any case, there are quite a lot of different things that you might want to take into proper consideration when it comes to furnishing your retirement home in a typical country home décor. Make sure that you take advantage of darker colors as they are rather essential, especially when it comes to the wooden elements. You can emphasize on lighter curtains and country area rugs in order to make the entire thing a lot more comfortable and to bring in a sense of warmth and cozy. The result is definitely going to be worth it.

Best Marble Reviews with guidance

The modern households were created using marbled tiles, due to the resilience and splendor. There are constraints and several benefits of the flooring. Below, folks would understand the strategies to create the marble pieces fruitful.

Price guide:

Whether marbled floor is being used by you, then you definitely got to know the location to obtain the top pebble tiles available. Truly, some online specialists can show you about this. There are lots of marble suppliers, who’ve sites to quick their collection, rates and service expenses. Several of those organizations have versions and a good inventory.

When you’re locating the marbled tiles regarding flooring, then the value of the foundations wouldn’t the greatest expense. You have to determine the installation charges having that as well. Some vendors provide the low-cost marble foundations, nevertheless the costs of the solutions are that much high.

Marble floor is a work of time. It needs a platform to suit the slabs, polishing, adding and trimming. Therefore, it would produce several noise all day. It’s a challenge inside the towns that are urban. Particularly, neighbors wouldn’t allow this. Therefore people are selecting the alternative flooring to acquire a relief from the noise. The specialists state that if proprietors could handle the disturbance matter, subsequently there is no simultaneous means of marble floor common. The highest quality pebble flooring on the market of the company that is normal can assure your approaching 40 years with fame. You merely need certainly to develop the floor in every 5 – SEVERAL decades such that it could be sleek and fresh again. This low maintenance is hardly cost hostile for the folks.

What treatments marbles’ fee?

Marbled tiles pace is mounted by following color and its excellent. a high-cost to create the marbled thus individuals marble foundations would require a little bit more per square meter is needed by several hues. Sometimes design and piece dimensions depends upon the charge as well. You can travel to with the dimension to know the precise determine. The amount would not be same for all varieties of getting. Then your rate may not be more if you the pieces from marbled tiles available category. Savings can be brought by many bulk getting too.

Delivery providers are being provided by many firms together with the wholesale marble acquiring. If you prefer to truly save buying’s expense, subsequently choose many techniques.

Conserve in marbled obtaining:

Then look at the wholesale market, • in case you have dependence on over 3000 square-feet of marble.

  • learn about industry from places that are several and visit with that area without using assistance from stockbrokers.
  • Buy the marbled and weight the vehicle from that place and spend the prices from own palm.

Thus, you obtain a stability of one’s life’s others and can conserve in marbled floors.


Should you visit the store  you will get to learn how incredible collections of flooring we’ve in our store. The best one can be chosen by you . Quality-wise goods that are virtually all are recommended. Costeffective costs additional it and the value.